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Service & Engagement


The Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning is actively engaged with communities and organizations through a variety of high impact service learning opportunities. These projects allow our professional faculty to bring students into the field to apply their learning to real world problems. In doing so, we serve the people of Texas, emphasizing work with low-capacity or non-profit groups. Because our main objective is training students, we emphasize that student projects are not substitutes for professional services.


Communities, cities, or neighborhoods may work with our Texas Target Communities program (TTC). This program is a key component of our Urban Planning undergraduate and graduate degrees. We partner with communities to produce comprehensive plans or other planning documents and analyses to serve community needs. Contact TTC for more information. 


Organizations, groups, or non-profits seeking landscape design assistance may contact our Partnership for Community Outreach. This program matches design projects with undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture studios to do conceptual designs for landscape projects. This program does not serve residential clients. Complete the application here [attach PDF application file]. For questions, email Dr. Kenneth Hurst.