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Outreach Academy

The outreach academy will serve as the documentation arm of the PCO program. Its function is to:

1) Archive all service learning projects undertaken by Department faculty and students.

2) Document projects untaken by the Department to assure a complete record of service project activities and maintain a permanent record of the projects executed under the Texas Target Communities Program.

3) Provide support for occasional publication of reports from the Program projects or the accumulation and tabulation of data not previously published as individual reports or peer reviewed journals.

4) Make appropriate projects available through occasional publications to be supplied to potential client users or communities, or to prospective students of the various Departmental degree programs.

5) Make exemplary projects available on-line on the Department website with links to relevant programs and faculty.

6) Partner with centers within the College of Architecture and beyond to organize and conduct lectures, seminars, and workshops that emphasize the Scholarship of Teaching, the Scholarship of Integration and the Scholarship of Application.

7) Build and manage an Endowed Outreach Partnership Fund.