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Community Outreach

The Partnership for Community Outreach (PCO) was established in 2005 to coordinate the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning’s service and outreach activities. The PCO program is charged with coordinating three key initiatives:

  1. Service Learning Partnerships
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Outreach Academy

The PCO advances the College of Architecture outreach initiatives and the University's tri-partite mission of discovery, teaching, and service.

PCO is administered by a faculty member of the Department who will serve as the Coordinator. A Faculty Advisory Committee will work with the Coordinator to establish and maintain program priorities (immediate, short-term, and long-range), a phasing plan (to be updated annually), and benchmarks to guide and mark progress as well as to set policies and manage the day-to-day operations of PCO.

The Coordinator and the Faculty Advisory Committee has developed specific instruments and policies for program operations during 2005-2006, the first year of the program. These instruments include standardized procedures for soliciting, reviewing and accepting public service projects; implementing service projects; monitoring service project agreements and financial instruments; and outlined procedures for engaging in contractual relations with CHUD, the Sea Grant Program, and communities.



This year the Department has undertaken several significant outreach projects under the auspices of the PCO.

1. Comprehensive Plan for the City of Gonzales, Texas: undertaken as a class project for Applied Planning I and II, led by faculty member Elise Bright, PhD.

2. Comprehensive Plan for the City of Navasota, Texas: conducted as a follow up to the comprehensive plan originally adopted in 2004, this project was undertaken as a class project for Applied Planning I and II, led by faculty member Elise Bright, PhD.