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Distance education

The continuing education initiative is intended to have two primary benefits: to increase the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning's impact on improving the quality of the built environment, and to provide a source of revenue for outreach activities.

The initial thrust of the continuing education effort will focus on providing information to the professions directly to practitioners, or to public officials who operate in decision-making or oversight capacities. These areas of distance education represent growing opportunities beyond traditional matriculation in formal degree programs. Continuing education offerings are to be targeted to specific segments of available markets, such as to city officials, planning staff, elected office holders.

After evaluating opportunities for distance learning initiatives to ensure that an appropriate market exits, a plan will be developed for offering continuing education courses, taking into consideration the Department's human and financial resource capacity, established on a realistic time-line. An integral aspect of the distance education program will be a marketing plan. Once the program is underway it will be necessary to continually monitor and evaluate course offerings for continued growth, change and improvement.