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Student Projects

Small Area Plan at Galveston,TX


The goals of this small area plan at Galveston, Texas was to create a walkable and livable environment within the compact urban core that enhance the quality of life and promote the historic ecotourism. The vision statement of the small are plan as stated in this project is ' revitalizing the downtown area and reclaiming a vibrant population while maintaining it's economic and social diversity with a zero net loss of our ecological and natural resources. The project aim at keeping and promoting the historic values of the island and being a resilient community with a sustainable growth.

source:  Galveston.pdf (Icon 2.7 MB)



Small area plan at Harlingen, TX


The students located a small area at Harlingen which has substantial opportunity for redevelopment as well as a host of natural resources to utilize for creating an attractive area for existing and future resident. Among the goals set were to create a compact, walkable commercial villages that build upon connective nodes for international tourism within a higher-density, mixed use community and adequate accessible urban open space.

Source:  Harlingen.pdf (Icon 14.4 MB)


Small area plan at League City, TX

League City as described by the group is a city to protecting the natural environment while providing a wide variety of jobs opportunities and housing choices. The small area plan includes a mixed use center which will bring commercial development to increase the jobs and form a small urban center by city hall. Increasing walkability and accessibility are some of the goals determined for this project including sections of affordable multi-family housing, community center, accessible open space and mini-parks.

Source:  League City.pdf (Icon 2.3 MB)


Small are plan of Port Arthur City, TX


The goals of the small area plan for Port Arthur city were to maintain and improve existing residential units, revitalize the historic downtown, creating homes for the more competitive and thriving workforce, a destination for green jobs and creating walkable friendly streets that efficiently enhance the image of the downtown area.

Source:  Port Arthur.pdf (Icon 5.3 MB)

Small area plan at Baytown City, TX

The project of small area plan at Baytown City envisions safe, welcoming, ecologically beautiful communities where a world class industry and a small town feel come together for people to live, play and work efficiently.  

Source:  Final Poster_Baytown_Small Area Plan.pdf (Icon 20.6 MB)