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Construction Process

2012.6 Land clearing of the site

Construction started from the posts to designate the property line. Trees and large plants were limbed and removed. Some of accumulated plant materials were shredded to produce mulch. Land was tilled with a plow. Once the land was tilled, a mix of seed and fertilizer were used to sow the land. Tilling continued in the end of October when fertilizer was spread on the newly placed soil.

2012.7 Private fencing

Metal posts were firstly placed to designate the location of privacy fence. Wood fencing was placed within the metal posts. String lines were placed on the metal post to mark the height of the wood privacy fence. Concrete footing was laid for the privacy fence. Wood beams were delivered and quickly cut and placed between the metal posts and then attached to the metal posts with screws. Base board and top board were both attached to the metal post with screws.

2012.9 Preserve’s sign

The wood form was constructed for the park’s sign. Electric boxes were placed in the concrete footings. Then concrete base and body were poured for the park’s sign.

2012.11 Bridge

The wood form was constructed for the concrete bridge and then concrete was poured for the bridge. Metal railings on the bridge were placed in November after which the bridge was completed.

2012.1 Pergolas and paving

In August, pergolas construction began with the excavation of holes to place wood forms. Wood forms were placed in the ground before concrete footings were poured for the base of the pergolas. String lines were placed to determine the height of the concrete base. In November, pins were used to anchor pergola base to the footing after which pergolas were leveled and large beams were placed. At last in January, the seats in the pergola were placed and both pergolas were completed.

Sand paving was almost completed in October. The paver edging was placed along the sand base and then the stone base was placed between the paver edging. Brick paving was completed in January. Fabric was first placed under and over stone base prior to placing brick pavers. Metal beams were connected to reinforce the edging which was the restraint for the pavers after the bricks were paved.