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LAUP Mini-Grant Program

2016-2017 Proposals

Jeremy Merrill, "Student Land Art at the Schob Nature Preserve: Read, Reveal, Invent" (Proposal) (216.0 KB) 

Jun-Hyun Kim & Jonghoon Park, "The Role of Small Green Space on Mitigating Air Temperature: An Empirical Study Using a Temperature-sensing Unit with Ventilated Double Cylinder Shelter (TVC)" (Proposal) (651.0 KB)

Robert D. Brown, "Measuring the Microclimatic Effect of an Urban Nature Reserve on the Thermal Comfort of Visitors" (Proposal) (101.0 KB) 

2015-2016 Proposals

Eric Bardenhagen"Deck and Boardwalk Construction as High Impact Learning:Design, Material Selection, Construction, and Long Term Observation" (Proposal) (111.4 KB)

Jun-Hyun Kim & Sung-Ho Kil, "Implementing 3D Modeling and Advanced Mapping Process using a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)"  (Proposal) (80.3 KB)

Jeremy Merrill"Comparing Edible Landscape Productivity Between the Schob Nature Preserve and the Langford Greenroof"  (Proposal) (302.0 KB)


2014-2015 Winning Awards

The program was launched in 2014-15. The awardees and titles of proposals are listed below:

Geoffrey Booth, “The Quadruple Net Value Analysis of Schob Park, College Station, TX” (Proposal) (Final Report 1) (Final Report 2)

Bruce Dvorak, “Schob Nature Preserve Prairie Planting and Interpretation(Proposal) (Final Report)

Jun Hyun Kim, “Sustainable Design and Implementation Plan for Creating a Hydrologically Sensitive Demonstration Garden in the Schob Nature Preserve(Proposal) (Final Report)

Galen Newman, “Environmental Monitorization and Interactive Display of Schob Preserve” (Proposal)