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Student Organizations

ASLA-American Society of Landscape Architecture

Alexander Santos, President
Kaitlin Stein, Vice President
Sarah Garcia, Secretary
Laura Garcia, Treasurer
Natalie Keeton, Career Fair Chair
Annamarya Rojas, Career Fair Co-Chair
Elliot Williams, Workshop Chair
Katie Beckett, Social Chair
Dylan Wilson, Communication Chair
David Danielson, MLA Rep.
Ming-Han Li, Advisor


FLUP – Future Leaders in Urban Planning

The mission of this organization is to provide a learning environment for BS- Urban and Regional Sciences undergraduate students outside of the classroom. The purpose is to provide fellowship for Urban and Regional Sciences undergraduate students through meetings, discussions, and activities related to Texas A&M University and the College of Architecture. 

Addison Conley, President
Hannah Oliva, Vice President
Ezekiel Torres, Secretary
Jessica Wiggins, Career Fair Co- Chair
June Martin, Advisor

Additional information and upcoming events please join our Facebook page:

ASP – Association of Student Planners

The Association of Student Planners is the organization for students including Masters students (M.U.P.), Undergraduates (B.S.U.R.S.) and any other planning-interested students. The planning profession is multidisciplinary and so are our students. Our goals as an organization are to welcome new students into the program, coordinate social events, fundraise for conferences, and promote networking between students and professionals. We encourage the members of the association to participate in committees and social events as well as attend the conferences. Our association has some of the best planners in the country and across the world and we invite you to contact any one of the officers if you would like any more information.

Madison Thomas, President
Donghwan Gu, Career Fair Chair
Yu Xiao, Advisor


REDA - Real Estate Development Association

Bradley Morales, President
Demerius Seals, Vice President
Kathryn Morales, Secretary
Corrin Breeding, Treasurer
Andres Castillo, Career Fair Chair

Information about the Real Estate Development Association (REDA), its members, and its overall goal as a student organization at Texas A&M University is available on the organization website at

SEED - Social, Economic, & Environmental Design

Shannon Van Zandt, Advisor


URSSO - Urban and Regional Science Students Organization

This fall, URSSO plans to have some of the following: Welcome for new students— mini-orientation for new Ph.D students (we would love to have volunteers to help!). A few social events like playing frisbee in the park and other opportunities in the first two-three weeks of school to meet, hang out, get reacquainted with each other. An unofficial student handbook on all the things that people will tell you about your Ph.D program—preparing for your preliminary exams, forms that are necessary, degree plans, forming a committee, staying on track with your research, funding sources, and more! We may not have the answers—but at least we will be able to tell you what you should ask...

To contact us:
Tho Tran, President
Sungmin Lee, Vice-President
George Rogers, Advisor

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning 
3135 TAMU

Contact e-mail: