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Student Resources

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships are available at the university, college, department, and program level. Please see the University’s Department of Student Financial Aid for information regarding university-level scholarships. Information about college and departmental scholarships and fellowships can be found using the following links:

Urban Planning Career Information

Urban planning offers many career paths in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Planners in the public sector work for cities, states, regional governments, and federal offices. Planners in the private sector work for consulting firms, real estate developers, architecture and engineering firms, utility companies and law firms. Their work may be specialized, such as negotiating easements for utilities, or more general, such as preparing comprehensive plans for cities. Planners also work for various non-profit organizations nationally and internationally.

Planners may work for a variety of organizations throughout their careers. Planning jobs are available in large and small towns, in dense urban areas and in rural areas, and for groups such as the Native American tribal offices. For more information about careers in planning see the link below.

Urban Planning Student Organizations


The Association of Student Planners (ASP)

This student organization is open to all MUP students. The Association plans student events to learn about planning, and just to have fun! The Association of Student Planners is a student organization run by the students. Membership in the student organization entitles you to receive a monthly journal and they provide guest speakers for the university community and coordinate travel to state and national conferences.

Facebook link:




Other Student Resources

The following link provides additional information about student services, Texas A&M resources, College Station and Bryan, and more: