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BSURPN Curriculum

Curriculum Overview:

The BS-URPN curriculum is split into 2 different tracks: the Policy Track and the Urban Design Track.

Each curriculum addresses issues regarding the built and natural environment as well as the complex systems that serve populations living in or near those environments. The core curriculum equips students with knowledge and skills to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges inherent in the development, growth and culture of neighborhoods, cities, regions and the global community. The broad-based multidisciplinary curriculum features theoretical training in the natural, physical, and social sciences.


Policy and Urban Design Curriculums

The following tables outlines the recommended schedule of courses. Course descriptions can be viewed here.

BS-URPN Policy Track

BS-URPN Urban Design Track



Curriculum Dimensions:

The BS-URPN core curriculum contains four dimensions:

1) Multidisciplinary Theory: Theories from diverse social and natural sciences are integrated into coursework regarding complex social and community problems and development.

2) Analytical Methods: Courses in analytical methods provide students with a “toolkit” of techniques for surveying community needs, risk analysis, mapping information, visually portraying problems and solutions, and statistically determining factors associated with social and ecological problems and trends.

3) Applied Problem-Solving: Assignments and service-learning projects in many of the courses enhance students' applied problem-solving experiences and abilities to improve quality of life in built and natural environments. Capstone courses integrate applied problem-solving in real community settings.

4) Semester Away: At the beginning of their senior year, the BS-URPN students take a semester away from Texas A&M. This has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity of students to: 1) study abroad, 2) study at another U.S. university, or 3) work at an internship. The College of Architecture currently offers programs in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Click here for additional information regarding the mandatory semester away requirement for College of Architecture undergraduate students.