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Texas A&M University College of Architecture



The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture semester outline can be viewed on the2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog.


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LAND 101. Introduction to Landscape Architectural Practice. (1-0). Credit 1.I Explores and evaluates the diversity of landscape architectural practice; defines the traditional practice forms and examines evolving and boundary expanding opportunities for future practice; introduces the departmental curriculum and faculty.*

LAND 240. History of Landscape Architecture. (3-0). Credit 3. I An introduction to the history of land use and design from prehistory to the present in areas other than the United States; emphasis on European and Asian planning and design precedent. Africa and Australia are also discussed. Prerequisite: Sophomore classification or higher.*

LAND 111. Landscape Architecture Communications I. (2-4). Credit 3 . Introduction to basic drafting and drawing required for landscape architecture projects, introduction to basic concepts, principles of graphic composition and pencil sketching techniques. Prerequisite: ENDS 115 or approval of instructor.

LAND 112. Landscape Architectural Communications II. (2-4). Credit 3 . I Advanced study in traditional and computer-based communication techniques in landscape architecture including studio explorations in concept and analysis graphics, color sketching, perspective drawing and rendering, desktop publishing, image capturing and manipulation, and compilation of graphic presentations; lecture, demonstrations and studio assignments. Prerequisite: LAND 254 or approval of instructor.*

LAND 291. Research. Credit 1 to 4. Research conducted under the direction of faculty member in landscape architecture. May be repeated 2 times for credit. Prerequisites: Freshman or sophomore classification and approval of instructor.

LAND 301. Landscape Theory. (3-0). Credit 3 . Relevant theoretical discourse in landscape architecture and urban planning; urban theory, social and cultural theory; environmental philosophy and environmental aesthetics. Prerequisite: Junior classification or approval of instructor.

LAND 211. Landscape Design I. (2-7). Credit 4 . I Beginning studio course in land design; forces that produce usable three-dimensional site-space relationships; problems presented to give a basic knowledge of the scope of landscape architecture. Prerequisites: LAND 255; junior classification.*

LAND 212. Landscape Design II. (2-7). Credit 4. II Continuation of LAND 318; basic design principles that combine natural systems (such as landform, water, vegetation, wildlife habitat, soils, climate) and man-built systems (such as roads, buildings, utilities). Prerequisites: LAND 318 and 329; junior classification.*

LAND 311. Landscape Design III. (2-9). Credit 5. I Design process, synthesis and design refinement; problems to stimulate highly creative self-motivated results. Prerequisites: LAND 319 and 330.* Course Descriptions/Landscape Architecture 761

LAND 312. Landscape Design IV. (2-9). Credit 5. II Continuation of LAND 320; land design projects of increased complexity with site scale problems used to demonstrate complete design thought. One or more field trips may be required as part of the course. Prerequisite: LAND 320.*

LAND 231. Landscape Construction I. (2-4). Credit 3. II Aspects of land manipulation and consideration of earth bound elements in landscape development; contours, landform, grading design, drainage principles, cut and fill computations, basic hydraulics, drafting. Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification.*

LAND 232. Landscape Construction II. (2-4). Credit 3. I Various construction elements typically found in landscape development; statics and mechanics of simple structures; wood, masonry, concrete construction procedures and techniques; drafting, lettering and clarity of details. Portfolio required. Prerequisites: LAND 318 and 329.*

LAND 331. Landscape Construction III. (2-4). Credit 3. II Construction document preparation, working drawings, project layout and design; theory and principles of irrigation and lighting design. Field trips and portfolio required. Prerequisites: LAND 320 and 330.*

LAND 340. Development of Landscape Architecture in North America. (3-0). Credit 3 . The interaction between people and the land in North America from pre-European settlement to the present; trends and settlement patterns, resource exploitation, relationships of cultural, social, technological and political factors to land use, and on the growth and current roles of the profession of landscape architecture. Prerequisite: Sophomore classification.*

LAND 411. Landscape Design V. (3-9). Credit 6. I Advanced site scale problems to include major design project supported with complete programming, design and project management components. Prerequisites: LAND 321 and 331.*

LAND 412. Landscape Design VI. (2-9). Credit 5. II Advanced study and research designed to take the student beyond the core design experience; introduction of issues, methodologies, tools and techniques developing in professional practice. Prerequisite: LAND 420.*

LAND 431. Professional Practice. (3-0). Credit 3 . Introduction to the procedures, project management and ethical framework in which professional landscape architectural practice occurs including proposal preparation, fee structures, forms of practice, project management and construction documents. Prerequisites: LAND 420; senior classification; approval of instructor.*

LAND 461. Geographic Information System Application in Resource Management. (2-4). Credit 3 . Process of and planning for change in the urban environment and its infrastructure; Geographic Information System (GIS) tools introduced and used to support this work; GIS theory and resource management modeling. Prerequisites: Junior classification and approval of instructor.*

LAND 484. Internship. (3-0). Credit 3 . Practical experience in an office of design allied professionals; 12 week internship with a minimum of 480 hours; continuous employment; departmental pre-approval through the department internship coordinator required. May not be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Upper level classification and approval of internship coordinator.

LAND 485. Directed Studies. Credit 1 to 6. I, II , S Special problems in various phases of landscape architecture assigned to individual students or to groups. Consultation and assigned collateral reading. Prerequisite: Approval of department head.*

LAND 489. Special Topics in... Credit 1 to 4. I, II , S Selected topics in an identified field of landscape architecture. May be repeated for credit.*

LAND 491. Research. Credit 1 to 4 . Research conducted under the direction of faculty member in landscape architecture. May be repeated 2 times for credit. Prerequisites: Junior or senior classification and approval of instructor.

LAND 494. Internship. (6-0). Credit 6 . An internship (15 week, 600 hours) with a landscape architecture or landscape architecture-related company that exposes the student to landscape architectural professional practice; monthly reports, final internship portfolio and internship supervisor assessment letter required; distance education course with non-resident status. Prerequisites: LAND 321 and approval of coordinator.