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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Step 9: Upload Final Dissertation with Thesis Office

Upload an approved final copy of dissertation as a single PDF file—As per OGS deadlines published in calendar, as approved by advisory committee, URSC coordinator, LAUP department head and OGS.

OGS Dissertation Requirements

The ability to perform independent research must be demonstrated by the dissertation, which must be the candidate’s original work. Whereas acceptance of the dissertation is based primarily on its scholarly merit, it must also exhibit creditable literary workmanship. The format of the dissertation must be acceptable to OGS. Guidelines for the preparation of the thesis are available in the Thesis Manual, which is available online at .

After successful defense and approval by the student’s advisory committee and the head of the student’s major department (or chair of the intercollegiate faculty, if applicable), a student must submit hi/her dissertation to the Thesis Office in electronic format as a single PDF file. The PDF file must be uploaded to the Thesis Office Web site, Additionally, a signed approval form must be brought or mailed to the Thesis Office. Both PDF file and the signed approval form are required by the deadline.

Before a student can be “cleared” by the Thesis Office, a processing fee must be paid at the Fiscal Department. This processing fee includes a charge for microfilming services and inclusion in Digital Dissertation database through the Texas A&M Libraries.

A dissertation that is deemed unacceptable by the Thesis Office because of excessive corrections will be returned to the student’s department head or chair of the intercollegiate faculty. The manuscript must be resubmitted as a new document, and the entire review process must begin anew. The original submittal deadlines must be me during the resubmittal process in order to graduate.