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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Step 5: Dissertation Proposal

Submit Proposal for dissertation—approved by student’s graduate advisory committee, URSC program coordinator, LAUP department head, and OGS.

OGS Dissertation Proposal Requirements

The general field of research to be used for the dissertation should be agreed on by the student and the advisory committee at their first meeting, as a basis for selecting the proper courses to support the proposed research.

As soon thereafter as the research project can be outlined in reasonable detail, the dissertation research proposal should be completed. The research proposal should be approved at meeting of the student’s advisory committee, at which time the feasibility of the proposed research and the adequacy of available facilities should be reviewed. The approved proposal signed by all members of the student’s advisory committee, the head of the student’s major department (or chair of the intercollegiate faculty, if applicable), must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at least 15 working days prior to the submission of the Request for the Final Examination.

Compliance issues must be addressed if graduate student is performing research involving human subjects, animals, infectious biohazards and recombinant DNA. A student involved in these types of research must check with the Office of Research Compliance, Office of the Vice President for Research at 979-845-8585 to ensure that all compliance responsibilities are met.

OGS Admission to Candidacy Requirements

To be admitted to candidacy for a doctoral degree, a student must have:  (1) completed all formal course work on the degree plan with the exception of any remaining 681, 684, 690 and 691, (2) a 3.0 Graduate GPR of at least 3.0 with no grade lower than C in any course on the degree plan, (3) passed the Preliminary Examination (written and oral portions), (4) submitted an approved dissertation proposal, (5) met the residence requirements. The final examination will not be authorized for any doctoral student who has not been admitted to candidacy.