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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Step 10: Graduation

Graduation arrange for cap and gown.

Publish from dissertation (may start early)—Publication of research related to the Ph.D. student’s dissertation is allowed under University rules.  Caution should be exercised to inform the graduate advisory committee and OGS prior to submission of materials for consideration. Publication can occur any time after the proposal defense.

 Note:  Once formal course work is complete, the student must be continuously registered until all degree requirements have been met. (See the catalog for Continuous Registration Requirements.)

OGS Continuous Registration Requirements

A student in a program leading to a doctor in philosophy who has completed all course work in his/her degree plan other than 691 (research) is required to be in continuous registration until all requirements for the degree have been completed. 

Seeking professional or academic positions— Seeking professional or academic positions is not recommended until the proposal defense is completed and considerable progress on the dissertation has been made.  Of course the best time to seek a position is when an appropriate position is available, but must balance with the student's completion of the dissertation.  Premature acceptance of professional positions may be the most significant cause of delays and failure to complete degree at this stage of a student's graduate career.