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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Step 2: Degree Plan

Establish advisory committee.

A LAUP graduate committee comprises four people. The chair and at least one member must be a member of the LAUP graduate faculty. At least one member must be from outside the academic department and on the graduate faculty. As documented by the degree plan, this step is completed no later than 90 days prior to preliminary examination. This step is approved by the student’s advisory committee, the URSC coordinator, and the LAUP department head prior to being approved by OGS.

OGS Advisory Committee Requirements

After receiving admission to graduate studies and enrolling, the student will consult with the head of his or her major or administrative department (or chair of the intercollegiate faculty) concerning appointment of the chair of the advisory committee. The student’s advisory committee will consist of no fewer than four members of the graduate faculty representative of the student’s several fields of study and research, where the chair or co-chair must be from the student’s department (or intercollegiate faculty, if applicable), and at least one or more of the members must be from a department other than the student’s major department. The outside member for a student in an interdisciplinary degree program must be from a department different from the student’s committee chair.

The chair, in consultation with the student, will select the remainder of the advisory committee. Only graduate faculty members located on the campuses at College Station, Galveston, Texas A&M University-Temple Campus or Institute of Biosciences and Technology-Houston may serve as chair of a student’s advisory committee. Other Texas A&M University graduate faculty members, including the Texas A&M University System graduate faculty, may serve as co-chair with an individual located at College Station, Houston, Temple or Galveston.

The committee members’ signatures on the degree plan indicate their willingness to accept the responsibility for guiding and directing the student’s entire academic program and for initiating all academic actions concerning the student. Although individual committee members may be replaced by petition for valid reasons, a committee cannot resign en masse. The committee chair, who usually has immediate supervision of the student’s research and dissertation or record of study, has the responsibility for calling all committee meetings. The committee’s duties include responsibility for the proposed degree plan, the research proposal, the preliminary examination, the dissertation or record of study, and the final examination. In addition, the committee, as a group and as individual members, is responsible for counseling the student on academic matters, and, in the case of academic deficiency, initiating recommendations to the Office of Graduate Studies.


Submit/File degree plan

Completed no later than 90 days prior to preliminary examination, this step is approved by the student’s advisory committee, the URSC coordinator and the LAUP department head prior to being approved by OGS.

OGS Degree Plan Requirements

A graduate student must file a degree plan that includes those courses to be applied toward a particular degree. Courses previously used for another degree are not acceptable for degree plan credit. Changes in the approved degree plan may be made by petition to the Office of Graduate Studies. A student should submit the degree plan using the online Automated Degree Plan Submission System located on the website at .

Lower division undergraduate course work (100– and 200– level) may not be used for credit toward a graduate degree. Course work may not be used to satisfy requirements for more than one degree. Additional course work may be added to the approved degree plan by the student’s advisory committee if such additional course work is needed to correct deficiencies in the student’s academic preparation. Specific details and requirements for each degree program may be obtained for the student’s academic department.

Courses listed on the degree plan are subject to degree time limits. Please refer to the catalog for time limits in each degree section in which the student is presently enrolled.