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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Step 3: Complete Course Work & ELP

Complete URSC core curriculum.

The core curriculum comprises eleven courses consisting of 29 credit hours in all. The core curriculum consists of three theory, three research methods, and three analytic courses, and is supplemented with two professional seminars. The theory sequence comprises URSC 631 and URSC 632 or equivalent, plus a theory course related to the selected emphasis area in conjunction with the graduate committee. The research methods sequence comprises CARC 601 and CARC 602 or equivalent, plus a research methods course selected in conjunction with the student's committee that emphasizes the student's emphasis area expertise. The analytical sequence comprises URSC 641 and URSC 642 or equivalent, plus an analytical course selected by the student in conjunction with her or his committee to enhance the emphasis area. Finally two professional seminars, LAND 681 and PLAN 681 are required of all URSC students.


Complete URSC specialty area curriculum.

Specialty area courses are designed to give students an area of specific expertise. In addition to the research methods, theory and analytic core courses related to the emphasis area, the specialty courses consist of 9 to 12 credit hours or three to four courses of concentration. Some emphasis areas are combined with pre-existing certificate programs. The specific courses and the timing thereof will be determined in conjunction with the student's advisory committee.


Complete English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.

Completed prior to preliminary examination.