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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

3. Research Emphasis Areas and Related Certificate Programs

3.1 Environmental Hazard Management

Natural and technological hazards often impinge on human activity. This emphasis area examines how people come to recognize, plan for, and respond to environmental hazards that threaten life, health and property in human settlements. Students emphasizing environmental hazard management at Texas A&M University take part in colloquia, internships, research, and other scholarly activities in conjunction with the TAMU Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center (HRRC). Details can be found at

Related certificate: Certificate in Environmental Hazard Management

3.2 Sustainable Development

The sustainable development emphasis area draws on interdisciplinary research and methods to solve complex problems in the arenas of land development, the integrity of ecosystems, raising the quality of life in human settlements, and sustaining equitable economic gain. Students in this area often work closely with the College’s research centers and associated research units, including the Hazard Reduction and Recovery and the Center for Housing and Urban Development.

Related certificate: Certificate in Sustainable Urbanism

3.3 Urban and Community Development

As human populations continue to grow and settlements shift geographically, the impact of urban and community development is enhanced. This emphasis area focuses on urban and regional planning and design, community and neighborhood physical and economic development, housing, infrastructure development and management, and land development.

3.4 Health Systems Planning and Policy

The health planning and policy emphasis area is intended for students interested in professional careers in health planning, administration, policy analysis, and/or policy determination. This emphasis has a close relation with the Center for Health Systems & Design in the college. Details can be found at

Related certificate: Certificate in Health Systems & Design

3.5 Transportation Planning

Transportation comprises one of the largest segments of urban and regional infrastructure. As the dominant sector of planning and policy, it is one of the most important areas in an urban and regional place. The Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University is the largest research institution of its kind in the U.S. Many URSC students work at TTI.

Related certificate: Certificate in Transportation Planning