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Housing and Community Development

As human populations continue to grow and urban settlements shift geographically, community development and adequate housing needs to be enhanced. This emphasis area focuses on urban and regional planning and design, community and neighborhood physical and economic development, fair and equitable housing, infrastructure development and management, historic conservation, and land development. Students in this area often work closely with the Center for Housing and Urban Development. (Chaired by George Rogers).

Housing development

Relevant Faculty

Core Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
Cecilia Giusti Associate Dean for Outreach and Diversity; Associate Professor Economic development and planning; community engagement; the so-called "informal" practices, microbusinesses, diversity and inclusion; Latinx and Latin American urban issues
Chang Shan Huang Associate Professor Design programming and methodology, urban and community design, therapeutic garden design, design communication, and interdisciplinary design education
Dawn Jourdan Executive Associate Dean; Professor Land use law; growth management; on premise signage; relocation grief; climate change; historic preservation; intergenerational planning
Michelle Meyer Director; Associate Professor Environmental sociology; sociology of disasters; social stratification; community sociology; green energy and sustainability; environmental migration
Galen Newman Associate Professor; Associate Department Head; Director Urban regeneration; land use science; spatial analytics; flood resilience; community/urban scaled design
Walter Peacock Program Officer; Professor Urban planning; sustainability and resiliency issues; natural hazard, hazard mitigation and adaptation; long-term disaster recovery; quantitative methods
Andrea Roberts Assistant Professor Community development and revitalization, heritage conservation, community resilience, vernacular & cultural landscapes, preservation policy, grassroots and insurgent Planning, participatory planning, action research, ethnographic Research, planning history and theory, public finance
George Rogers Professor Sustainability; risk analysis and planning; technology and society; quantitative methods
Andrew Rumbach Assistant Professor Household and community risk, recovery and resilience to environmental hazards and disasters
Yang Song Assistant Professor Intersection between placemaking, community planning, and urban design, using the human-centered approach such as social media to understand built environments and urban issues
Shannon Van Zandt Department Head; Professor Equity issues related to the spatial distribution of housing opportunities for low-income and minority populations

Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
John Cooper Director; Associate Professor of Practice Principles of inclusive planning and plan quality