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Health and Well-being

As global climate change and urbanization continue, designers and planners should be engaged in creating communities that improve the health and well-being of residents. This emphasis area addresses how the places we live, work, play, and learn influence our health and well-being. Students interested in the interaction between place and health will have opportunities to participate in research groups such as Design Research for Active Living and Microclimatic Design Research Group. Students in this emphasis work closely with the Center for Health Systems & Design. (Chaired by Chanam Lee).

Community street with people walking down sidewalks

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Relevant Faculty

Core Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
Robert Brown Professor Urban landscape; microclimate; health and well-being
Chang Shan Huang Associate Professor Design programming and methodology, urban and community design; therapeutic gardent design, design communication, and interdisciplinary design education
Chanam Lee Professor Active living research and healthy community design
Sungmin Lee Assistant Professor Healthy community planning and design, neighborhood safety, active aging and spatial analysis
Dongying Li Assistant Professor Urban nature and children's health, individuals' activity space, access to salutary environmental factors, and health equity
Wei Li Associate Professor Sustainable and active transportation, environmental economics, and socio-economic and health impacts of emerging transportation technologies (e.g., autonomous vehicle)
Forster Ndubisi Professor Ecological design and planning; community design; growth management; interdisciplinary design education
Hope Hui Rising Assistant Professor Water-centric urban design; spatial cognition; place attachment; environmental adaptation; climate adaptation; flood and drought adaptation; environmental stewardship
George Rogers Professor Sustainability; risk analysis and planning; technology and society; quantitative methods
Yang Song Assistant Professor Intersection between placemaking, community planning, and urban design, using the human-centered approach such as social media to understand built environments and urban issues
Jane Winslow Assistant Professor Intersection of green infrastructure and human health, with a concentration in multifunctional landscape areas
Xinyue Ye Associate Professor Big data analytics, geographic information science, geospatial artificial intelligence, network science, spatial econometrics, urban simulation, visual analytics

Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Research Interests
Kenneth Hurst Assistant Professor of the Practice Interactions of human and ecological systems, the healing contributions of nature and outdoor public open space, with a specialization in children's outdoor learning and play environments