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Financial Support

All students accepted and admitted into the URSC program are eligible for financial aid. There are two common ways for students to receive financial aid.


A graduate assistantship teaching (GAT), non teaching (GANT), or research (GAR), is available to a qualified student on a competitive basis. An assistantship requires up to 20 hours a week. Appointment to an assistantship is normally for 9 months. Many assistantships are awarded through the applicant’s major department, but additional assistantships are awarded from individual faculty members with external funding. The table below shows the n umber of assistantships granted from both sources over the past five years for our URSC PhD Students


A few competitive fellowships are available for doctoral students. Most consistently, the program nominates students for Merit Fellowships which are awarded by URSC, the College, and Diversity Fellowships, which are awarded by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies. Ordinarily, a g raduate student holding a fellowship is not required to perform any services. A limited number of student worker positions may be available. These provide an hourly wage for work done i n the department or for an individual faculty member. No additional benefits (tuition, fees) are provided. The table below shows the number of doctoral students funded and the total amount of funding from both the department and faculty researchers over the past five years.


Applications for departmental scholarships are accepted in January of each year. Students must apply to be considered for scholarships.