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     MLA Curriculum

     LEVELING YEAR (Three-year program)

 Fall  Hrs.  Spring  Hrs.
 LAND 601 - Design Theory 5  LAND 602 - Design Application 5
 LAND 612 - Site Development 4  LAND 614 - Site Construction 3
 LAND 645 - Practice Diversity 3  Elective *(degree related) 3
 LAND 655 - Landscape Architectural Communications 3
   TOTAL 15  TOTAL 11


     ADVANCED YEAR (all MLA students)

 Fall  Hrs.  Spring  Hrs.
 LAND 620 - Open Space Development I  LAND 621 - Open Space Development II 5
 HORT 608 - Plants for Landscape Design 4  LAND 681 - Seminar 1
 ESSM 600 - Ecology and Land Uses 3  LAND 640 - Research Methods 3
   LAND 630 - Development of Landscape Architecture 3
 LAND 612 (2-yr.) 4(16)  LAND 614 (2-yr.)
 LAND 684 - Internship 0-1


     FINAL YEAR (all MLA students)

 Fall  Hrs.  Spring  Hrs.
 LAND 693 - Professional Study 3  LAND 646 - Professional Practice 3
 Elective* 3  LAND 693 - Professional Study 4
 Elective* 3  Elective* 3


Total Credits for Career Change Candidate: 69
Total Credits for Advanced Degree Candidate: 50

Course Descriptions
LAND 601
Landscape Architectural Design Theory. (2-9).
Credit Hours : 5
Principles and application of landscape architectural design theory, relationships of two and three dimensional space as they relate to the natural and built environment, and illustrative communication.
Prerequisites: Graduate classification and approval of instructor.

LAND 602
Landscape Architectural Design Application. (2-9).
Credit Hours : 5
Application of design concepts to site planning and site specific contemporary issues including natural systems, social, political, technological and economic influences on design.
Prerequisite: LAND 601

LAND 603
Principles and Techniques of Land Development. (2-12).
Credit Hours : 6
A continuation of the LAND 601–602 design sequence for career change students; organized to develop an understanding of the various systems that must be integrated through land design; applies this understanding through planning and design of a project, including project programming, site selection, master planning, site design and working drawings.
Prerequisites: LAND 602 and approval of instructor.

LAND 612
Landscape Architectural Site Development. (2-6).
Credit Hours : 4
Concepts, theories and techniques of site development; creative land form modification, landscape construction materials and structures, drainage principles, site circulation and utilization of materials.
Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.
LAND 614
Landscape Architectural Construction. (2-4).
Credit Hours : 3
An introduction to the basic elements of landscape architectural construction; course stresses applications of the basic principles of statics and mechanics of simple structures in the use of wood, concrete and masonry plus the design of irrigation and lighting systems.
Prerequisite: LAND 612

LAND 620
Open Space Development I. (2-9).
Credit Hours : 5
Solution of complex open space problems. Subjects may be as diversified as large scale land-planning study or the development of a large residential site.
Prerequisite: Graduate classification in landscape architecture or approval of instructor.

LAND 621
Open Space Development II (2-9).
Credit Hours : 5
Continuation of LAND 620; production of plans and reports.
Prerequisites: LAND 620.

LAND 630
Development of Landscape Architecture (3-0).
Credit Hours : 3
Overview of the history of human settlement, land use and landscape architecture outside of North America.
Prerequisite: Graduate classification.

LAND 640
Research Methods in Landscape Architecture. (3-0).
Credit Hours : 3
Research methods including theory, hypothesis formulation, design, data collection, measurement and report writing; equates research activity to landscape architecture and the interaction between people and their physical environment.
Prerequisite: LAND 603 or equivalent.

LAND 645
Practice Diversity in Landscape Architecture. (3-0).
Credit Hours : 3
An exploration of the diversity of practice opportunities within the profession of Landscape Architecture; individual roles within those areas of practice and the skills required to function successfully within them.
Prerequisites: Graduate classification and approval of instructor.

LAND 646
Professional Practice. (3-0).
Credit Hours : 3
Introduction to the procedures, project management and ethical framework in which professional landscape architectural practice occurs; topics include proposal preparation, fee structures, forms of practice, project management and contract documents.
Prerequisites: Graduate classification and approval of instructor.

LAND 655
Landscape Architectural Communication. (2-4).
Credit Hours : 3
Graphic communication techniques required to expand landscape architectural concepts and designs including plan graphics, analysis and inventory graphics, perspective drawings, sketch composition, rendering media, color scanning, use of software and desktop.

LAND 661
Visual Quality for Design and Planning. (3-0).
Credit Hours : 3
Emphasis on social science perspectives for analyzing visual quality in built and natural landscapes, and effects of visual surroundings on human well-being and health; the content reflects a balance of theory, scientific research evidence and practical applications in areas of landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and park design.
Prerequisites: Graduate classification.

LAND 681
Credit Hours : 1 each semester
Analysis and criticism of selected landscape architectural projects. Lectures, reports and discussions.
Prerequisite: Graduate classification in landscape architecture.

LAND 684
Professional Internship.
Credit Hours : 1 to 8
Professional practice under approved arrangement with public or private agencies. Off-campus internships are limited to a maximum of 8 credit hours per semester.
LAND 685
Directed Studies.
Credit Hours : 1 to 6
Individual problems involving application of theory and practice in planning and design of the environment.
LAND 689
Special Topics in...
Credit Hours : 1 to 4
Selected topics in an identified area of landscape architecture. May be repeated for credit.
Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

LAND 691
Credit Hours : 1 or more each semester
Research for and preparation of dissertation.
Prerequisite: Doctoral classification.

LAND 693
Professional Study
Credit Hours : 1 to 6 each semester
Approved professional study project undertaken as the terminal requirement for the master of landscape architecture degree. Preparation of a record of study summarizing rationale, procedure and results of the completed activity.
Prerequisite: Approval of committee chair.

* Some substitutions may be made. This decision should be made with your advisor as part of your degree plan.
* Courses subject to change, please check graduate catalog for current course descriptions.