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MLA Admissions

All applicants to the MLA program are considered for competitive scholarships. Many of our applicants receive anywhere from $1,000-$2000 as a one or two-year scholarship which also secure in-state tuition. Top applicants complete for up to $10,000 two-year scholarships, and applicants that meet diversity requirements may be considered for the Lechner Graduate Diversity Scholarship, which varies from $10,000 to $20,000 as a two-year scholarship. We also offer two-year assistantships for to up to two first-year MLA students which secures $1,000 per month and in-state tuition. Applicants with U.S. military service experience may qualify for special housing provisions.

Please refer to the Graduate Admission Requirements Page

For information about the MLA program, please contact: 
Prof. Bruce Dvorak 

Admission Portfolio Examples

Portfolio examples of students who were admitted to the MLA program at Texas A&M University 

Droske Admission Portfolio (Icon 8.1 MB)