Fact Sheets

Degrees Awarded by the Department

Bachelor of Science in Urban & Regional Planning
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture
Master of Urban Planning
Master of Land & Property Development 
Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Science

Certificates Awarded by the College Centers (in affiliation with the Department)

Environmental Hazard Management Certificate
Health Systems and Design Certificate
Historic Preservation Certificate
Sustainable Urbanism Certificate
Facility Management Certificate
Transportation Planning Certificate

Academic Journals Housed in the Department of LAUP

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Hazards (Co-Editor, Dr. Michael Lindell)

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College Centers Affiliated with the Department of LAUP

Center for Health Systems and Design
Center for Housing and Urban Development
Caudill Rowlett and Scott Center for Leadership & Management in the design & construction industry (CRS Center)
Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center
Center for Heritage Conservation (Formerly known as Historic Resources Imaging Laboratory)
Visualization Laboratory
Texas Transportation Institute